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    RuneLocus (Website Information)


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    RuneLocus (Website Information)

    Post  Admin on Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:41 pm

    RuneLocus is a website that has lists of Runescape Private Servers (RSPS) it has working ones and sometimes it has non working ones so you must be careful which ones you choose because one may not be right and working..

    RuneLocus is the #1 provider of runescape private servers. It not only has RuneScape private servers that you can download and play online, but it even teaches you how to make a RuneScape Private Server...
    However, a warning and a note for the wise... runescape private servers are not illegal to play, but when you make a runescape private server, it is indeed illegal... and if Jagex catches you, they will shut down your server and you can be punished under Federal Law.
    Also, PLEASE NOTE: all of the programs, bots, hacks,etc all of the information on this site is posted for Educational Purposes...

    RuneLocus has forums and the forums advertise coders so if your server needs coding check the RuneLocus forums because mostlikely you will find a coder ready to code your server...

    You can visit the site and Play/Create a server here:

    For help with this site/ to report broken link email me at

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