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    The Rules


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    The Rules

    Post  Admin on Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:02 pm

    The Rules and Regulations of Joe's Tech Support Forum.

    1. Don't hack this website/keylog anyones account using any of the software available on this site..

    2. All of the programs are for educational purposes, we will not teach hacking... all of the hacking programs are for educational purposes ONLY.

    3. No Pornographic content, this includes, Videos, pictures, books/magazines, e.t.c.

    4.No fowl language...

    5. No submitting fake content, all fake content will be removed and earn you an Ip Ban.

    6. Enjoy the site and use it for educational purposes..

    Please Note: the content on this site may teach how to hack, Joe's Tech Support Forum does not take responsiblilty for Legal/Federal Trouble you may get in while using our software/programs... Hack/Download at your own Risk.

    To Ask a Question About these rules..
    Please Email me at

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