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    Epic Bot Download And Info


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    Epic Bot Download And Info

    Post  Admin on Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:12 pm

    Epic Bot is the best RuneScape botting software I have ever used. It works really well, all of the scripts that it advertises on the Run Script page works. It is very useful and has some good features, it has ProScripts which are also free. If you lose your RuneScape account because of this software, please contact me at and send me all of your account information and i will recover your account.. and if i cannot recover the acocunt then tell me all of the skill levels you had on there and i will remake it for you...

    To download this software/program go to:

    and there should be a download button on the home page, if there is not there is a page on the menu bar titled,"Download" click it and download the program.

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