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    Our New URL!!!!


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    Our New URL!!!!

    Post  Admin on Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:24 am

    Joe's Tech Support Forum has a new url, and our old url works too... but still, our new url is,

    the old url still works which is

    you can still login with your account on the new url as u did with the old url and nothing on the site has changed.... another thing... here soon Joe's TechSupport Forum is going to start working on a download system here where you can directly download software from this site and not have to go to links for the downloads... we will also host a free music download system where you can download and request free music!! thats just in case you don't want to download one of our free working music downloaders.. the difference between the music downloaders and this website is that this website never shuts down/ goes offline so you can download pratically anything here... but remember what i said on the contact us page if you want to request a song thru facebook you have to tell me that you need help with a song or something like that or im gonna ignore you and not add you or the song...

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