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    How to download Anything you want for free!!!


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    How to download Anything you want for free!!!

    Post  Admin on Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:38 am

    This tech guide/trick will teach you how to download anything for free..

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are to get into legal trouble with this download method, Joe's Tech Support Forum Takes Absolutely NO Responsiblity for your actions, Download at YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    (Please make sure to read the above before reading this guide we do not take responsiblity for any legal trouble you may get in while using this download method because this method is illegal and can get you in federal trouble if caught.)

    1. first of all, if you dont want to download torrents you might as well just leave this page because this is all about torrents... now, first you need to know what a torrent is, a torrent is a bunch of code that hides a file in it and you use a detorrent program to get the hidden file out of it and then use it for whatever you need it for... this is how i got my diablo 2...

    2. Now, that you have learned what a torrent is, you will need a detorrent program... the one i suggest using is utorrnet, which can be downloaded 100% safe and free at there, now that u have that and you want to use this for video games e.t.c, read step 3.

    3. Now that you have utorrent, you will need an .iso burning software... an iso file is an image file this is what they use when a video game maker makes a video game they use .iso because a video game is a image file.. now sometimes the files that are downloaded this way, arent iso's originally, but they are supposed to be, so go to and search Burnaware.. this software not only burns iso's but it also makes iso's too... ok so now read step 4.

    4. Now that u have burnaware and utorrent, now you can download from the number one torrent website, this is where i download all my torrents.. it works but, beware, some of the torrents may have worms/viruses.. so before you donwload make sure to read some of the comments.. to make sure there are no viruses...

    5.As i said before, and im gonna say it again..
    This method is a free way to get things such as movies,games,and seasons of your favorite tv shows 100% free... but, this is an illegal method, Joe's Tech Support Forum does not take Responsiblity for any legal/federal trouble you may get in while using this method, as you can clearly see, this entire website and all of the software on it is all used for educational purposes only..

    For any questions about this tutorial/ or to report a broken link, visit the contact us forum for more contact information...

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