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    How to make any type of phone prepaid


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    How to make any type of phone prepaid

    Post  Admin on Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:46 pm

    Please note: the phone that you want prepaid must be apart of the network you want it to be prepaid on... in other words.. you cant make a t-mobile phone a verizon prepaid phone.. it has to be a verizon phone to be verizon prepaid (This tutorial may only work for verizon im still not sure though.)

    1. First, you need to buy the phone, idk if this tutorial works for other prepaid companies so just use this for verizon and if it dont work message me on facebook. Ok first your gonna need your phone... it has to be a verizon phone... if you want it on verizon prepaid... ok so you can buy the phone you want prepaid at either the verizon store or somewhere else.. im not sure exactly where but somewhere...

    2. Now that you have your new phone you will need to activate it and get your number and all of that stuff... it wont take long..

    3. Call 611 and tell them your cell phone number and they will set it up prepaid and talk to you about monthly plans and all of that....

    This is a perfectly legal process....

    For any questions/problems message me on facebook, my profile url, will be on the CONTACT US forum...

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