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    Torrent Technology


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    Torrent Technology

    Post  Admin on Fri May 06, 2011 4:56 pm

    This talks about torrents.....

    Torrents are very interesting files... they are files that hide software.... and other media items such as videos, pictures, isos....e.t.c

    A Torrent is a file, that is hidden in extra codes... and they have detorrents to cut off all the unneccisary codes off and get the file out and then use it...,
    Torrents, can sometimes be illegal... like most of the torrents on are illegal... because that entire website is a filesharing website and is illegal....

    Torrents, that have multiple files.. if you havent noticed, are usually compressed into a rar file... the reason for this is that, like most file sharing websites like mediafire and megaupload and 4shared, the uploaders for them only except one little file and things like runescape private servers which contain thousands of files.. it would take almost an entire day to download all of the files that a runescape private server has... so they put all the server files into a single folder and then compress it into a rar file, and then upload it to media fire or megaupload...

    Now that we are getting into file sharing.. is a place mainly for hosting pdf files... a pdf file is a ebook... its the format of a ebook...

    Now, most torrents are illegal.. but some, are even worse than that.... some, have illegal adult content... and, detorrenting torrents is a sort of lenghthy process... and torrents can also hide trojans,worms,keyloggers,and viruses in them that arent detectable by most leading Anti-Virus programs... however, AVAST! is indeed an exception to this rule... because.. when i first started using avast, i found over 20 messed up files... and i scanned like 30 times with avg and found nothing..... Avast is by far better than avg....

    Anyways, most torrents are free.... and illegal... but they are indeed free... but about the illegal part, dont worry about getting caught downloading them... millions of enternet users download illegal software everyday and dont get caught... as a matter of fact, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning then getting caught downloading, or having copyrighted files on your computer....

    if you want to download torrents for free,

    go to

    either torrents:
    or ISOHUNT:


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