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    KeyProwler (Download/Information)


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    KeyProwler (Download/Information)

    Post  Admin on Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:55 pm

    Do you have a Girl/Boy Friend or spouse that you think maybe cheating on you? And the two of you share a computer together and want to spy on her/him?
    Well, with KeyProwler, you can... keyprowler logs EVERY keystroke it tells you where they have been it keeps up with everything they do when you start recording... it even has a Stealth Mode. and the Stealth Mode hides it so she/him cannot find it.. and if they do find it the program can't be uninstalled normally..(Read how to uninstall it below in the Uninstall section) also, not even the greatest and most common Anti-Virus and SpyBot's can detect and destroy it!!! Read Below how to uninstall and where to download.

    How To Uninstall KeyProwler

    KeyProwler cant be uninstalled normally like most programs. In other words, you cant go to your control panel and go to programs and uninstall it normally. KeyProwler wont be on the list even though its a program on your computer. To uninstall KeyProwler you just simply redownload the KeyProwler setup, then, if you already have it on your computer it will have options like, Reinstall,Or Remove, select remove and then it will be gone permanently...

    Download KeyProwler Here:


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