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    Avoid Getting Phished RuneScape Tips/Help


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    Avoid Getting Phished RuneScape Tips/Help

    Post  Admin on Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:45 pm

    Getting Phished means that your RuneScape account gets stolen from a fake login that records and steals your password, this is called a Phishing website. Which is illegal. Now, how to avoid getting your account phished... well for one, if you go to and go to the login page. Notice, how if you go below the login form it will have this warning thing that says:"don't enter your password unless you see the jagex ltd bar in your adress bar." well this was created by Jagex,(the company that made runescape) to help you not enter your password in a phishing site and get your runescape account stolen. now, an example of one of these websites is,, this website IS a phising site. And they will steal your runescape account if you enter your login information in the login form... another thing that might help you avoid a phishing site... for one, if the forms graphics look kinda crappy and the website looks bad... then its mostlikely a phishing site... however there maybe a chance that it is the real runescape website... but jagex wouldnt ever let that happen so thats not important. Anyways... NEVER enter your password in ANY other website... only Enter your password for your real runescape account at
    and never enter your password in any of these so called "Hacked RuneScape WebClients" because they maybe Phishers too.. however, if they ask you to enter a username and password they are usually a runescape private server that wants you to login to the server so you can play.... which is real... however, NO RSPS WILL EVER ASK FOR YOUR REAL RUNESCAPE INFORMATION!!!

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