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    How To Create A Html Website FROM SCRATCH!!!


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    How To Create A Html Website FROM SCRATCH!!!

    Post  Admin on Sun May 22, 2011 12:03 pm

    Hello, This is how to make a simple html website, FROM SCRATCH!... kinda like the pros do.. like how they make websites like facebook and all that good stuff..

    1.First, open up your note pad...
    2. all html websites, start with <html>, so add that..
    3. Then, for your website heading..
    <title> Website Title Here</title>
    ok, in plain english, this code right here, pretty much is saying,
    the <head> is starting the website heading.. now, this isnt the website content heading, this is the top of the enternet browser thing.. like,
    at the very top, above the adress bar, the heading, what it says there,
    and then, to add a title there <title> opens up the title, and </title> closes the title...
    4. now, you want to put this in it.. <body>
    now what this is doing is opening up the body of the content.... of the website.. thats where the website text goes.. and e.t.c
    5. now, to start a new line of text,
    use the following code: <br /> and the the text
    6. and of course when your done.. you just close the body first.. </body>
    then you close the html

    So the website codes look like this
    <title> Website Title</title>
    text, content e.t.c
    <br /> new line of text/content

    i will be doing more html tutorials in the near future.. thanks for reading...

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