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    How To Make A Website/Forum FREE!!!


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    How To Make A Website/Forum FREE!!!

    Post  Admin on Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:15 pm

    Please Note: This Tutorial does not tell how to make a free .com/.org/.net/.edu/.to or any other well known domains..

    1. First, before you even think about making a website you will need a topic for your website and what the site is gonna be about... thats totally up to you and i have absolutley no control over that...

    2. your gonna need to find a web hosting service/maker that is free... below this is an entire list of them, they are 100% working and free.

    Wix (More Custom):
    Webs (Prefered/Recommended):
    110mb (For .html document websites more about this on another topic in this forum..) :
    Ripway :
    And im sure there are many more, but beware, some say they are free but during the sign up process they will ask for credit card information so be careful..

    3. Once you have decided to use one of the following website makers... you can then sign up to the website to begin making your website... now another thing... with a forum its different... now with the website part of this tutorial is over now im going to teach you how to make a forum/blog and how to change the url from i can change it to just plain (if these show up as links dont click on them because they are non-existing websites...)

    How To Make A Forum/Blog And How To Change The Url On It. (Part 2 of 2)

    1. first, your gonna need to make up an idea for your forum/blog it can be about anything... food, technology (like this forum) i mean practically anything...

    2. now, your gonna need a host for your forum/blog
    For a forum use
    For a blog use
    sign up to either one of those free services and begin to make your blog/forum...
    now the rest of this tutorial is for a forum...

    3. Ok, with your forumotion forum its different its not as simple as it is with a normal website or a blog... ok now that you have been to you can choose a layout for your forum if you dont like any of the layouts forumotion shows during sign up, there is a button that says if you want more options go to well hit that button and you can find hundreds of forum layouts...

    4. now that you have your forum setup, you can edit your forum by logging into your admin account and to edit/ add a forum to the website you go to the bottom of the website and click on the "Adminstration Panel" and there it will take you to edit the forum and your done...

    for any problems please check the Contact US forum to see my facebook url and send me a question...


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