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    CrossLoop (Download Url/Information)


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    CrossLoop (Download Url/Information)

    Post  Admin on Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:27 pm

    CrossLoop is a desktop sharing software that must be approved by the other partner... Crossloop is super simple. You give your partner your connect code which you get when you open the program. Then, you and your partner connect (by clicking the connect button) and then you see your partners desktop or he sees yours, and then you have control over their computer. Its useful for when you forget a file at home and you need to get the file for a buisness meeting or something you just call up your wife/husband and get her/him on there and get the file that you need..

    When you access the other partner's desktop, you have control of everything... the enternet explorer, you can run programs.. you can scan your computer and everything so its good for if your on vacation and you want to make sure your computer is getting maintenence so you can make sure its protected while you are enjoying your vactation or whatever...

    You must have one of the following Operating Systems (OS): Windows XP,Vista,And Windows 7.

    Now, you can download Crossloop Via-Cnet Here:

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